OpenAI released it's model and API that powers the product we see when we use Chat GPT. This means we can start to implement our own solutions around the function by adding it into our custom apps or services. One thing I wanted to do right away was to get a version working for robots.

That's right, a version that will work with voice recognition and voice synthesis. Check it out on GitHub - it's a basic implementation for now.

I use the voice services from Microsoft Azure to take input from the device's microphone (could be your laptop, could be a robot) and send it off to OpenAI's  GPT 3.5 model for chat. The nice thing about this is that you can include the messaging history to allow for a more natural conversation, as OpenAI can "remember" what you have been talking about. It should work mostly the same, however there are obvious limitations like code generation. You wouldn't want anyone to dictate code to you for example....

Anyway, I hope this will be useful to someone learning about GPT and speech, and I'll enable it on our robot, Rory, soon, to make 'him' even more knowledgeble than before.